Jake & Meg are super passionate about coffee - specifically great tasting speciality coffee. With over 6 years experience in the coffee industry we have developed a love for the great flavours and brewing methods of coffee. This is the core idea behind STEAMIN’ HOTTIES COFFEE.
Sharing that ethos with people and making great coffee accessible for anyone and everyone sparked the idea of FILTR’D COFFEE BAGS. The FILTR’D COFFEE BAGS not only allows anyone and everyone to access great seasonal coffee but also makes it as easy as making a cup of tea. Not everyone has a Frenchpress or a Chemex and all that our product requires is access to hot water.
Enjoy your FILTR'D COFFEE BAGS anywhere and everywhere whether that be at home, in the office, on a camping trip, on a train, or flying in the air. 
Our speciality coffee is supplied by Silverskin Coffee Roasters.